The music industry has gone through many changes in the last decade or so, with the internet offering artists to release on their own and with music fans, an easy way to purchase and listen to music. As an established independent record label in Metro Manila, Philippines, Terno Recordings has been keeping up with the changes in the industry. Not only does this trailblazing label work with the brightest musical talents around, but they also offer different opportunities and most importantly, a home to their recording artists.
Terno Recordings, established 2003.

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October  15 , 2021



  1. The world can be a depressing place. 

  2. The world can be a depressing place made unhappier by bad music   

  3. Duke Ellington once said that there are only two kinds of music: good music and the other kind. What, may we then ask, is the other kind? EDM? Kidding.

  4. We recognize the pop song as unimpeachable cultural artifact. 

  5. We celebrate pop music in all its manifold glories. 

  6. We celebrate the pop song as a reflection of all our joys, dreams, triumphs, failures, heartaches, boredom, and every possible shade of human ennui in between.

  7. We celebrate technology as platform for human creativity. Praise be the sampler, the 808, Moog synthesizer, ,the pedals of delay, chorus, phaser, echo, and fuzz.  

  8. We praise every jangle, bend, pluck, twang, strum, of the guitar, just as we bow to every sampled snare and kick, every soaring synth hit.

  9. We celebrate the vinyl record and the turntable as the zenith of listening perfection, vessels of divine transmission between listener and creator.

  10. We celebrate the DJ— the true and the pure, unaided by trick boxes, seamlessly navigating from track to track, intoxicating the nervous systems of an entire dance floor. 

  11. We will treasure images and memories of bodies moving all night to pure, original, unmitigated, immaculately mixed house and techno beats. Like what we did back in the ‘90s with our roving club Consortium, where we championed house and techno when everyone was still dancing to some senseless pop drivel.

  12. Praise be to the nights we danced to Laurent Garnier, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Derrick Carter, Doc Martin, Josh Wink,Stacey Pullen, Chez Damier, Marques Wyatt, Alec Empire, Swayzak, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Ritchie Hawtin and all other disciples and masters of the electronic form that Groove Nation has brought to Philippine shores. 

  13. We celebrate indie pop and independence —praise be those who know the difference between these two things.

  14. We praise our idols The Wedding Present, Tahiti 80, The Lotus Eaters, China Crisis, the current purveyors of tasteful, sophistipop of Prep and Pictured Resort, the current City Pop of Hitomitoi. We celebrate trailblazers of Japanese math-rock like Toe, Tricot, and dream pop likeThe Fin and Yumi Zouma, that’s why we have brought them all to perform in Manila. 

  15. We celebrate not selling out. Whatever that means. 

  16. We celebrate staying steadfast and true to one’s aesthetic conviction, in this day and age of shifting values, relativism, and ironic prisms. 

  17. Praise be to taste. For taste is everything, the transcendent light that shines and guides everything, even moral compasses. 

  18. Just ask the bands Terno Recordings have signed up: Maude, Lenses, , Aoui, Populardays, Unmute, UDD to name a few.

  19. We believe in giving taste a home, and from our end, it can be found in the basement of 148 Legazpi Street, Makati, in the form of a record shop called This is Pop! which has well-curated vinyl selections of punk/post-punk, new wave, indie, synthpop, electronica, avant garde/experimental, postrock, lounge, exotica and beyond. “Record stores can’t save your life,” Nick Hornby once said, “But they can give you a better one.”

  20. We believe that pop sensibilities — to avoid stagnation—   must be challenged periodically. 

  21. To spread the gospel of taste

  22. To judge and discern 

  23. To listen






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